What is the motivation behind creating this website and choosing the technologies that are used?

This is a static website made with Jekyll. Source is hosted on GitHub so not only can you bask in my code, you can create pull requests to fix my tipos.

A static website? What about dynamic content? I thought you were a real developer.

I hear you ask through time and space. Firstly, I do not appreciate the tone of the voice I put in your mouth. And secondly, I guess that means I am no true Scotsman.

But Jekyll has some cool functionality. Check out this python code block:

a = 'a = {}\nprint(a.format(repr(a)))'

Woaah… Code that prints itself.

Want an image? BAM! This is an image of a sentence that is a description of this image

  • Let’s
  • get
  • some
    • nested
  • lists
    1. up
      • in
    2. here.

All in all this is rather easy to do. Also Good Guy GitHub hosts my website for free with integration so good, my lifetime expectancy increased just because of the stress involved in self-hosting.

If I ever need authentication or weird backend functionality I can always set up an API server and hit it using JS.